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What is Circular Fashion : Intro to Circular Economy

Circular fashion is a model of business where “waste and pollution are designed out”.  This relates to

  • What materials are used to create the product
  • The means of transportation that is  used from raw materials to final goods to customers
  • The planned and enabled length of time the product is used
  • The way in which the product is recovered and recycled back into is raw components


Why is it necessary

Since the industrialisation of western nations the main form of business has been linear in design.  Businesses focused on generating as much profit as they could by processing raw materials.  The most successful businesses were the ones that did so at the lowest cost possible. This led to businesses taking less and less responsibility for both the waste created during manufacturing, and also waste when their customers were done with products they purchased.

Today the world is weighted by the cost of this waste. Whether that be the thousands of tons of clothing in landfill in the UK. Or the degradation of land and water in the countries where our clothes are made.

Having an Intersectional Perspective


The environmental cost of this model of business is unequally carried by the Global South. From mass dump sites in Ghana to the loss of the Aral Sea in Uzbekistan



Ultimately it affects us all.  As we live in a world with finite resources. We need to change models of businesses from


Extract > Produce > Sell 




Reproduce > Sell > Recover > Reproduce

Why Sign Up To Shwap

Shwap unlocks more value from your clothes. We do this by helping you to create a digital wardrobe of everything you own. Firstly so that you can style new outfits by shopping your own wardrobe, and secondly so that when you are ready to pass an item forward you can sell it on our marketplace in 3 easy steps.  No more forgetting about clothing for years or buying two of practically the same thing.

As we do this we start to observe the product journey and we collect valuable eco information that can help improve garment design, recapture and recycling.  

In doing so we transform traditional linear brands, into circular ones, capable of understanding and acting on the lifecycle of their clothes.  

What is Circular Fashion

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