Shwap powers resale for sustainable brands  

Five Reasons Why Shwap Is the Resale Platform You’ve Been Looking For

Shwap is a resale platform like no other. It is the world’s first circular fashion platform. In Shwap you can buy and sell clothing  and  when you do, that clothing is added to your shwap digital wardrobe. In the wardrobe you can you style items, build your favourite outfits, and when your ready resale back into the marketplace in 3 easy steps.

Here are 5 reasons why Shwap is the Resale Platform you’ve been looking for.

1.  We prebuild your wardrobe with partnering brands!

For so many the most challenging aspect of engaging as sellers in the secondhand market is the effort it takes to create a photograph and upload products. Shwap’s smart ai can prebuild wardrobe items for you. Our team and tech work with brands to figure out what you have already so that you don’t have to do the work from scratch yourself.

We’re building partnerships with Brands every day so if you want to see items in your wardrobe from brands you love, tell them about Shwap and we will get to work!

2. Our product listings are transparent and verified!

Because we can root products to the original seller, we are able to tell you the full story of the garments listed on Shwap. No more Polyester posing as silk or unhelp ‘one size fits all’ labels. Or terrible photos at that.

3.Selling is super easy!

Selling on Shwap could not be easier, once you have an account and a Payout set up (you can do this on your account settings page), all you need to do is list your item on the marketplace. We do the rest! Including

  • Finding the best price to sell your item for (look out for our smart pricing feature)
  • Handling Buyer Questions (no more DM’s at 11pm)
  • Booking the courier (who will come to your selling address as soon as you are ready to sell)

It could not be easier!

4. We’re diverting waste from landfill

We partner with recycling companies like Mend Assembly and charities like Give Your Best to divert clothing from landfill. Meaning that if you don’t fancy selling through Shwap you can always Recycle or Donate!

5. We support brands to be circular and to manage the lifecycle of their clothes

For us to tackle climate change we need to work together. We want to show brands how to build products that last so that they can do better to.

The Shwap Pilot launches June 15th!

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