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The worlds first Circular and Degrowth Platform, where an item of clothing can pass through infinite wardrobes! 

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Shwap's On A Circular Mission

There are enough clothes in the world today to clothe the entire population for 20 years.

But most of them are either part of the unworn parts of your wardrobe gathering dust, or they are part of the 300,000 tonnes of clothing the UK sends to landfill each year. 

Shwap is on a circular mission to catalogue those clothes so that you can buy, sell, swap, rent, donate or recycle them with a click of a button. A circular flow that connects your wardrobe with future buyers and most importantly helps you to discover their true value. 

How it works

Selling on Shwap

Done it a minute

Past purchases are already in your digital wardrobe.

We’ll have a record of all the clothing you’ve previously bought from participating brands. Simply take a quick
snap of any wear and tears, get some measurements, and list your item.

Starting from scratch? Not to worry, you can still sell in five minutes.

List for the best price in seconds

Our smart algorithm even calculates the best price you can sell for. No chats, no negotiations, just the best value price for products that deserve it.


Easy dispatch & shipping

Once it’s sold, we’ll send you postage label.

Pop them into a reused parcel, and send them out. Receive payment directly to your bank account.

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Produce less, sell more

Shwap for brands

We work with brands who make with quality in mind, and their best customers. Together we’re overturning the linear fashion model, and enabling brands to earn commission on their resale.

Fashion should be an ecosystem, and that means designing for a garment’s entire journey, from cradle to grave.

When a brand partners with us, they’ll be able to see how their clothing is faring in the world, helping them to make better decisions about their product development and customer outreach. 

How it works

Shwap for brands

Produce less, sell more

We’re a sensible solution to the climate crisis.

We help you create value from clothing you’ve already made to last. Free your business from the tyranny of overproduction.

One new integration, a whole new market

With our smart tech, you can plug in and go. Compatible with the e-commerce store and the
customer base you’ve already built.

Attract additional shoppers looking for the quality they know you for, at a lower price point.

A smart algorithm

We make it easier for customers to list products, without undercutting yours on price.

Each second hand product is synced with your inventory, making it easier for new customers to find you.

Sustainable business IS sustainable fashion

Passive income for physical products

Shwap enables brands to earn passive income on the products they’ve already designed, made and sold, and to keep a track on how much is going on to be enjoyed further, or to landfill.

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Fashion tech innovation

Shwap for investors

Shwap is an circular multi-stakeholder solution to fashion waste – find out about upcoming opportunities by signing up to our investor newsletter.