Shwap powers resale for sustainable brands  


We help brands launch their resale strategy through our peer to peer marketplace.

“the next generation of resale” – Vogue Business

How Shwap Works.

With Shwap brands can take control of the second hand market of their products without manually managing inventory.  

Passive Revenue

Your customers are already reselling clothing they have purchased from you. With Shwap you can earn passive revenue as they do so. 

Customer relations

Whether it is resale, repair, or recapture. We help you to help your customers get the greatest value from their clothes. 


With Shwap you can see how your clothing is faring in the world, helping you to make better decisions about your product development and customer outreach. 

Who is Shwap For?

Shwap  is for brands who want to understand, optimise and monetise the lifespan of their clothing. Join a growing number of brands on Shwap today.

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